Solar Pumping System

Solar water pumping is one of the most efficient ways to utilize solar energy. Since wells and other water sources tend to be in remote locations, using conventional energy sources entails either running extended lengths of wire or using a fossil fuel generator at the site. Since these traditional methods involve both expensive equipment costs, plus on going energy costs, solar energy is often both cost effective and efficient for well pumping.

Jk Power Systems can provide well pumping systems to fit any need. If you would like us to design a solar pumping system for you, please call.


Included features

High quality 20 or 25 year on solar performance

little or no maintenance and long life.

Self-supporting, ballast design requires no foundation.

Wiring harness for simple connections.

Advanced weatherproof battery box designed with an electrolyte reservoir (batteries are held away from spilled electrolyte).

Advanced built-in charge controller with LVD (Low Voltage Disconnect), 3 stages charging to increase battery life, built-in auto-reset breakers, and visual LED feedback display.

Easily upgradeable by adding another solar or battery

Solar Solutions pumping systems also includes heavy duty ON/OFF float switch, 20' of weather resistant wire.