Solar Bill Board

When you want to add to your bottom line without adding to your electric bill to do it, Solar Billboard Lighting is the way to go. Especially in remote locations, but anywhere, lighting up billboards can be cost-prohibitive due to the need to establish an electrical connection and the associated utility bills afterwards. Solar Billboard Lighting from JK Power Systems, however, will allow you to easily illuminate your signs without running wiring. Best of all, because they utilize the energy of the sun, they carry absolutely no operating costs! Before too long, they will more than pay you back for the purchase price by adding to the visibility for your business and saving you money on your utility bills.

We at JK Power Systems are prepared to offer several types of lighting packages to ensure that our light billboard system has the correct components to perform to your high standards. Contact us today to see what type solar billboard lighting system will work for youand save you thousands


» Easy to install

» Save thousands and add more to your bottom line

» Works in overcast and sunshine

» State of the art construction