Pre Construction and Construction

Our extensive experience in pre-construction planning ranges from developing conceptual budgets to involvement as team member.

Clients often turn to JK Electric to provide the entire range of pre-construction and construction services including conceptual estimates, budgets, engineering, scheduling, permit acquisitions, cost control analysis, value engineering and installation.

With the exception of major changes in the scope of work, our pre-construction services generally allow us to reduce the project's initial budget, while maintaining or improving the integrity of the design.

Value engineering is a continuous process throughout the life of a project, but decisions made at the earliest stages of design and construction have the greatest impact on the cost of the project. Throughout the design and construction processes, JK Electric carefully reviews plans and specifications to eliminate unnecessary costs and identify opportunities for cost-saving design changes.

The objective of our pre-construction services is to work with clients to eliminate any work that adds cost without adding value.