The comprehensive, high-quality services provided by JK Electric goes far beyond our core strength in construction work. JK Electric also offer extensive pre-construction services with a proven track record of cost savings for our clients.

We understand that cost-effective projects are the result of thorough planning and the ability to identify and resolve issues before construction begins.

Our pre-construction services are based on years of experience in the electrical industry and the skill and knowledge of our pre-construction team.

JK Electric has been involved in many Commercial jobs. With our great knowledge of the electrical industry, we can offer to our clients complete design and build of electrical commercial jobs from a basic office fitout to multi story hirise buildings.

Different services include:

Design & installation of incoming main

Condominium and Apartment Complex Renovations

Organizing power supplys off supply companies.

Total electrical cable installation & fittoff

Total security, MATV, CCTV, Data and phone installations.