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JK Support
JK Power Systems is ready to partner with individuals, group, companies, NGO, Governments, countries etc. for humanitarian works. to alleviate the suffering of the less privilege around the world Click to read more
Safety Inspection
The electrical wiring needed for your lights, cooker, and other electrical equipment and appliances may be potentially unsafe. The wiring could be deteriorating and/or unsafe. Click to read more
Oil & Gas
The Solar Power Systems we offer are widely used in Oil & Gas applications. These are widely used to provide power to the remote areas. we use best grade material which makes them, reliable, Click to read more….
Recovery / Maintenance
If you are experiencing gradual reduction of run time from your backup system then this program is for you. You don’t have to manage a faulty connection. You stand the risk of permanently.... call us at once.
With the high rate of crime and in security in the country, it is highly recommended to install an inverter to backup security systems like perimeter lightings, cctv, access control, fire alarm etc. contact us for details.
Proper design is very important to protect personnel from harm and property from damage. We are professionals in electrical design and drawing, graphic design, website design etc. call us today.